Overlooked Undertakings

$34.95 $20.00

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Quarantine Special; I think I sent books to every state!

Since we're still stuck at home, I'm offering a Holiday Special! I have been the lucky recipient of some really unique gifts during quarantine (a slice of pie, a jar of beans, panda slippers, an iron skillet...) and they have lifted my spirits so much. I hope I can help you give someone something that brings a smile. Bonus if you send one to someone who wouldn't expect a gift from you!


Here's the deal:

1 book with a personalized card enclosed- $20

* Please include content in the "notes" box on your order.

2 books sent without note - $30

5 books - $75


"I'd be shocked if anyone receiving this as a gift was anything less than giddy." 

A favorite review

Hardcover, 9"x12",104 pages. 
Over 50 full page images.
Printed in Canada.
Independently published. 
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